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  • Message from JEF Chairman
Professor Katsumi Hoshino, JEF Chairman

It is evident that technology has played an ever increasing role in our lives and global events. One need only look at the role played by technology during World War II, the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union and the exponential use of computers and the Internet. This growth in technology gave rise to “technocrats Ewho are focused on technology for technology sake versus examining the benefits that may be possible to an organization and individuals by its use.

As the use of technology in managing information has matured, we now entered the age of Knowledge Management which recognizes its potential value to businesses and individuals. Knowledge Management incorporates the fact that information must be transformed into knowledge to be of benefit to any entity. It will be an entity’s ability to obtain, disclose, share, understand and utilize individuals Eintellectual property that will be the key for growth in the 21st century.

While information technology is an essential tool for Knowledge Management, the primary goal for any organization to be successful in the coming years will be its ability to train Knowledge Professionals who understand the concepts in building a Knowledge Community and can apply them to gain and share information between individuals and entities. JEF provides the ability to train such Knowledge Professionals. Katsumi Hoshino, Chairman

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Japan Engineers Federation

5F Address Bldg.
2-2-19 Akasaka, Minato-ku
Tokyo 107-0052 Japan

TEL 03-6229-1946
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