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  • Message from JEF Chairman
JEF chairman Masato Murakami

Japan is a small country with few natural resources. However, it has led the world technological development with its high level of industrial strength. The only way for Japan to remain competitive in the world is to continue its technology-oriented policy.Furthermore, the world is increasingly globalized. The economy, education, arts, sports, tourism, and all other areas are becoming borderless. Therefore, Japan needs to work together with friendly countries around the world to achieve sustainable development.

In particular, Asia, where Japan is located, is expected to develop significantly in the future. Furthermore, Japan is trusted by Asian countries, and many young Asian people respect Japan for its high technological capabilities. Hence, Japan is expected to become a hub for technological development in Asia through technology transfer and human exchange.

The Japan Engineers Federation (JEF) is the central organization that promotes technology transfer and exchange of engineers for Asian economic development. JEF also operates "Web Knowledge Xpo" (WKX), an innovation portal site to enhance innovation through the disclosure of science and technology for Asia and the rest of the world.

Technology is the common property of mankind, and JEF believes that its major mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of the world through technology.

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Japan Engineers Federation

#1302 Churis Akasaka,
2-17-12 Akasaka, Minato-ku
Tokyo 107-0052 Japan

TEL 03-6229-1946
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