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¡August 8, 2008@@
From July 21 to 27, Mr. Idota and Mr. Sato visited Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand, and attended meetings to discuss EnginePro with engineers.

¡April 7, 2008@@Press Release
Japan Engineers Federation Starts Recruiting and Placement Services for Engineers and Professionals@

WThai-Nichi Institute of TechnologyhWelcome to TNIh( English)
The Technology Promotion Association (TPA), with its main mission to promote economic cooperation between Japan and Thailand, operated mainly by ex-students that have studied in Japan, established Thai-Japan Institute of Technology in Bankok in June 2007. TPA, which is the parent organization of this institute had been developing various businesses for the training of human resources, the diffusion and promotion of industrial technology information, and friendship between Japan and Thailand from its establishment. Making use of TPAfs over 35 years of achievements and experiences, Thai-Japan Institute of Technology aims for a gJapanese-type manufacturing universityh.

Thai-Nichi Institute of TechnologyhWelcome to TNIh(Thai)

Thai-Nichi Institute of TechnologyhWelcome to TNIh(JAPANESE)
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